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New adventures

One of the greatest parts of this profession, is getting to talk about something that I love that doesn't feel like a "job". I never thought that another perk would be proving to myself that I can do just about anything, if I work hard enough at it. I have to confess, I'm a TOTAL introvert. This shell of mine is thick, to clients, I am open, warming and love to help them out. BUT. to other health professionals, it may come off that my introversion is me being hidden and trying to hide. Today I was able to step OUT of that secure and easily misjudged comfort zone, and meet another birth worker to network. It was amazing to meet the wonderful Olivia. Friel, a birth and post partum doula here in the metro west/Boston area. Her kind, and caring nature is so warm and I felt so at ease talking, networking and planning upcoming adventures in this field(Look out for some really cool stuff coming soon!) with her.

If you are looking to have a birth or post partum doula help with you and your family, she is for sure a great person to look into!


Happy Feeding!

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