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Insurance coverage/Payment options

At this time Dairy Fairy Lactation, MA is fee for service. Forms of payment include cash, check, credit, debit, HSA and FSA payments. 

Mass health clients and single mother discounts available. If price/payment is a problem, please reach out to discuss. 

According to the affordable care act (ACA), lactation/ breast-feeding assistance will be covered by all insurance companies, but most require the Lactation Consultant to be In-Network, and to be in-network, the LC is must be a licenced medical provider, which lactation consultants in most states have not been accepted as yet. This is ever changing, contact us today for more up to date insurance coverage information.  

Insurances will reimburse their clients for services paid, Dairy Fairy Lactation MA will provide all our clients with a super bill and any paperwork that may help with getting all the out of pocket costs reimbursed. 

Pricing may change without notice. 

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